Tikki Hinch, Quo Bae, Model

Meet Quo Studio’s very first Bae, Tiara Joy Cantikki Hinch. Learn more about her hair tips & tricks, her current obsessions, and what she’s been up to lately. Watch her hair journey with Quo Studio here.


“I would picture myself as someone who can influence other people. Like, someone to look up to, basically. That’s how I see myself in the future. Untuk sekarang, lagi sibuk persiapan buat kuliah dan part-time photoshoot.

Transformation is something big. I feel like a new me. I see people, see me as a new person, with my new hair. Pada bilang cocok, keren.. kecuali netijen, I guess.

Tips untuk sebelum hair coloring berjam-jam di salon, prepare some stuff that you need. Snack, charger laptop, dan…. lots of patience. Harus sabar.

“The little things do matter.”

Jika kalian nggak keramas, kan lepek dan berminyak, aku rekomen banget pake Dry Shampoo. Dry Shampoo yang selalu aku pake itu dari Collab, dari dulu aku selalu pake ini. Sebelumnya pernah sih aku menggunakan Dry Shampoo lain, cuma dia ada white residue nya, terus aku menemukan alternatif lainnya yaitu si Collab Dry Shampoo.

Supaya rambut kalian nggak kusut kalo diiket, aku saranin kalian pake iket rambut bahan satin silk. Waktu kalian tidur, aku saranin pake sarung bantal satin. Satin is really good for your hair because it has like smooth surface so your hair can glides softly and smoothly, jadi rambut kalian ga ada yang nyangkut.

(About white eyeliner) : I think it’s quite unique. It came up to me really quick, like “white”. You need to stand out, you need to be different than the others. Itu spontan aja karena mikirnya “Tik, lo harus stand out”.

I listen to grunge music, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, basically rock music. I never knew about (Sisitipsi) until I dated (my boyfriend).

My favorite people in the world… is my brother. I like him the best.

I like shoes and I like puzzles, 3D puzzles. It all started when i started dating my boyfriend, and I just had this idea: it would be really cool to do like a 3D puzzles. When you make it, it takes time, patience and teamworks, and you need to focus to get each pair to connect to each other.

Hidden talent: I play violin.

I like classical music as well. Like when nobody’s around, I would listen to classical music. I don’t think people like classical music because they would picture them as something boring. My favorite composer is Tchaikovsky. The Sugar Plum Fairy (of The Nutcracker) is my favorite piece.”

– as told to Quo Studio.
Tikki Hinch photographed by Quo Studio in Jakarta, July 2019.