Olaplex Treatment: Reset Your Hair

Welcome the almighty Olaplex for your fabulous hair!

Olaplex is advance hair treatment that significantly restore the damaged hair that are broken during the chemical process.

If you’ve over-bleached over the years, Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength & structure of your hair. Olaplex formula enable colourists to go beyond colour imagination; platinum blonde to cotton candy, anything. Black to ash blonde in one session? No problem.

Olaplex is a three-steps treatment, the first two of which have to be done in a salon.


Beginning the rebuilding, this concentrated Olaplex No 1 rebuilds broken strand bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair. Bond Multiplier is mixed in with the bleach/colour and put straight onto your hair during colouring process.

Olaplex No 1 can be used as hair treatment alone; put & massaged on damp hair for 10 minutes.


Pursuing hair perfection, Olaplex No 2 continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds and ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

Bond Perfector is then put on the hair once the bleach is rinsed out or it can be used as second step of hair treatment. It is left on for a good 10 minutes with nano machine to let your hair absorb nutrition & really get the maximum result.


Lasting protection at home, this final step provides continuous protection from ongoing damage after you leave salon and can be done by yourself at home. Apply to damp hair, comb through, and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes at home before washing as normal. If you want to maximise the effect, leave it on overnight (as Kim K recommends). We recommend to use 1-2x in a week because too much Olaplex will leave your hair weighed down by the moisture. If you do regular treatment, you can see the result in 2-3 months!

We love Olaplex because the result is amazing

Olaplex Treatment Pricelist

The price based on your hair length & you can check Olaplex Treatment pricelist: here