Rose Gold Hair


Pink? Rosé? Gold? Don’t fret!

Pick our creation on Rose Gold Hair and get your glam on!

After months of research & lab test, QUO Studio are very excited to bring you the latest most-wanted shade in 2019: Rose Gold!

Yes, you hear it right. Rose is the new obsession all over the world. It’s confident, sexy, witty & playful. Here are 4 basic shades of Rose Gold for you.


Be Romantic But Not Hopeless
 Heat is not your best friend. Style with care
 Hair consultation pre-lightening is a MUST!
Pair with dewy & glowing makeup look
Consult which kind of rose that suits your skin tone
Last up to 30-50 wash & does not cover grey hair

Bond strengthening system for colors and bleaches – SMARTBOND 

Prior & post-coloring, do take care of your locks with our signature SMARTBOND Treatment that proves significantly to nourish, strengthen & maintain vibrant colour, strong & healthy hair. SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and haircolor). The system consists of 3 components, the first 2 being used in salon and the 3rd one at home. It is very easy to use and adapted to the hairdresser’s routine.


1. After colour your hair, don’t wash it for at least 2-3 days to ensure new colour is absorbed perfectly by your hair cuticle.

2. After 3 days, wash your hair using sulfate free shampoo special for colored hair & try your best to rinse your hair with cold water, not warm or hot water. Because warm or hot water will saturate your new color faster, especially those pretty rose colour. The key is not to wash your hair too often. Not only because your pretty colour will fade fast, but also over-washing will take away your natural hair oil and as result, more oily hair!

3. When you wash, focus washing at your scalp, apply just a little shampoo without rubbing hair too much. Avoid conditioner because it will fading the color faster, except conditioner for coloured hair. To replace the function of conditioner, you can apply hair serum at the edge of your hair after wash to keep your hair smooth and moist OR even better, Smartbond Conditioner Number 3. We have it in our store.

4. Invest in dry shampoos, they help absorb scalp oil & keep your hair scented without saturate that pretty colour. There are many good brands of dry shampoo in market and online shop, such as COLAB. Pssst, you can get this dry shampoo at our studio!

5. Avoid seawater and pool water because salty water with high chlorine will dilute your pretty color fasssst. If you really want to go into the water, at least use hair cap (though it’s not fashionable) and apply leave in serum to prevent direct contact between water and your hair.

6. Rose Gold color tends to fade faster just like grey. Here is quick solution to nourish & lock your shades. Do retouch twice a month.

Many have tried Hair Gloss & now it’s yours too 🙂



Some references that inspire us 🙂 Rose gold belongs to gentleman too. We love how Zayn pulls a romantic look with his edgy colour. Last but not least, our current favorite muse, BlackPink!

Don’t worry it’s very easy to maintain your hair

We do understand your hair, You want it to be pretty, healthy, yet strong enoughy simply click here to see the after coloring treatment! And you can use this Loreal Serie Expert Package for the best results.

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