Keratin Lash Lift


Do you want to wake up with naturally long, bold & curl lash?

And skip that makeup sesh in rush & ended with uneven eyeliner?

Oh yes, we all do!

Introducing your Fairy Godmother

Keratin Lash Lift

A special treatment that boost your lash growing


beforeafterkeratinlashlift6 FACTS ABOUT

Keratin Lash Lift


  • Widely popular in USA as seen on Kardashians with lash on point 24/7.afterkeratinlashlift
  • It’s different from ordinary lash lift that just curl butt not nourish & grow lash.
  • It’s a treatment, not a service. Thus it doesn’t give instant dramatic effect like eyelash extension does, but surely this treatment take care of your lashproperly in long term.
  • Results on longer, fuller & curler with regular treatment every¬†1.5 – 2 months.
  • Curled lash makes your eyes appear brighter and bigger just in 1x treatment.
  • Non-toxic free from amonia, formaldehyde & paraben.



Please take a look for The After Care Treatment

    1. Do not wash your lash within 24 hours (especially if you tint your lashes)
    2. You can use this Keratin Mascara day & night for an extra lash growth
    3. You can still wear black mascara with lash curler, eye makeup & oil-based product.


    Treat your lash like your hair!

After-kll-sarah-ayu After
before-kll-sarah-ayu Before

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