Keratin Lash Lift



Do you want to wake up with naturally long, bold & curl lash?

And skip that makeup sesh in rush & ended with uneven eyeliner?

Oh yes, we all do!

Introducing your Fairy Godmother

Keratin Lash Lift

A special treatment that boost your lash growing


beforeafterkeratinlashlift6 FACTS ABOUT

Keratin Lash Lift


  • Widely popular in USA as seen on Kardashians with lash on point 24/7.afterkeratinlashlift
  • It’s different from ordinary lash lift that just curl butt not nourish & grow lash.
  • It’s a treatment, not a service. Thus it doesn’t give instant dramatic effect like eyelash extension does, but surely this treatment take care of your lashproperly in long term.
  • Results on longer, fuller & curler with regular treatment every¬†1.5 – 2 months.
  • Curled lash makes your eyes appear brighter and bigger just in 1x treatment.
  • Non-toxic free from amonia, formaldehyde & paraben.



Please take a look for The After Care Treatment

    1. Do not allow to wash your face or your lashes could not be wet within 24 hour.
    2. You can use this Keratin Mascara for an extra or even longer and wonderful results
    3. And the most important is you don’t have to say good bye to your beloved black mascara, because it is still allowed to your lashes.


    Treat your lash like your hair!

After-kll-sarah-ayu After
before-kll-sarah-ayu Before

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