Hair Gloss

We love vibrant colors as much as you do!

With proper care & a bit of patience,

you can keep your hair color last longer.

Please check this chart to understand your hair condition & hair gloss possibility. Also, read our blog about bout Hair Bleaching

QUO hair bleach

As for the service duration, it depends on how long your hair is.


Into The Gloss and Beyond

  Bye-bye sad yellow bleached hair
  Quick fix to retouch & nourish your hair
  The Hair Gloss last for 3 – 4 weeks max
Repeat Hair Gloss every 2 -3 weeks
All bright colors can be gloss-ed, except brunette
Our Hair GLoss color selection is endless!

Grey Gloss: Bored with previous Rose Gold? Why not trying ultimate Grey color?

Grey Gloss: No more yellow brassy hair.

Check out these major color changes!

hairgloss  hairglosshairgloss hairgloss hairgloss

The Magic of Hair Gloss


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