Clipper Cut

Calling all minimalism enthusiasts!

Your hairstyle can be simpler yet stylish

with this edgy cutting technique.

Don’t miss it by bringing back the good old memories with this old technique of haircut, using men’s clipper to chop the hair. Just cut it out #clippercut


                                     Short                                                      Medium                                                      Long

Stay Effortless

  1. Trim your hair every 4 weeks

  2. Business or party ready? This style is versatile for both

  3. Style your hair with curl, wave, or sleek straight

  4. Consult which kind of Clipper Cut style that suit your face

It’s so easy to mix and match this-clipper-cut hairstyle with your fashion. You can just wear your dad’s old oversized shirt, bowling shirt, t-shirt, denim jacket, oversized jeans, and sneakers! By the way, you can just watch Stranger Things for gathering more fashion inspo. Here are some inspo:

Colorful Tee + Coach Jacket + Hi-waist Jeans

Straight Clipper Cut Hair +  Oversized print tee + Ripped Jeans + Sneakers

Wavy Clipper Cut hair + Denim on denim + Yellow Sunglass

Mess Clipper Cut Hair + Stripe Tee + Bowling Shirt + Hi-Waist Pants


The #clippercut by Quo Studio



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