Brunette Hair #NoBleachNoWorry

Brunette Hair 

A hint of Brown, Gold, and in-betweens.

Brunette is definitely the new blonde.

And we bring you 11 variants of Brunette with BLEACH-FREE Balayage technique

Yes. it’s NO BLEACHING and non-damage to your hair!



You like it subtle. Not too much, but enough to show
A typical romantic


This girl knows what she wants

She is the trend-setter people are obsessed with. Never go out of style


You move with music. You dance like no one is watching
Simply goddess


You are too sweet to be true. Boys gone crazy when they saw you
Irresistible darling


Because it’s BLEACH-FREE, the ash color only seen with the reflection of light/sun and it looks more brunette than ever!

How Long this color last?
Last up to 30-45x washes & doesn’t cover grey hair.

Don’t worry it’s very easy to maintain your hair

We do understand your hair, You want it to be pretty, healthy, yet strong enoughy simply click here to see the after coloring treatment! And you can use this Loreal Serie Expert Package for the best results.


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