Grey Hair #50ShadesOfGreyHair

Grey Is The New Black    

If you dare to try edgy trend & love to experiment, then this is the perfect shades for you.

What you should do before you decide to be grey and totally look cool.

  • 6 months before stop dyeing your hair.

Grow out your previous hair dye for as long as possible before bleaching your hair so that bleach can lift your hair to an even color all over.

  • 1-2 weeks before get a deep-conditioning treatment.

Get a deep-conditioning treatment. Bleach will dry out and damage your hair no matter what. A deep conditioning treatment beforehand will help to minimize dryness and breakage.

  • 48 hours before stop washing your hair.

The natural oils in your hair will help protect your scalp against irritation during the bleaching process.

  • Anytime before mentally prepare to cut off some length.

Bleach will cause breakage and damage, so cutting off dead hair or hair that’s been previously dyed may be necessary. Get your hair in tip top condition — The process for going grey will no doubt cause your hair a lil bit dried than before, but you can minimise this by making sure your hair is strong and healthy beforehand. Try a deep conditioning treatment one or two weeks before your appointment and be prepared to have some of the length chopped off to minimise damage.

Be prepared for the timely process

Going grey is the same as going platinum blonde, its a timely process involving hair test, 2 – 3x bleaching or even more, and last but not least dyeing. Plus your stylist will no doubt have to do a double colour process. This can take up to several hours depending on your hair’s conditions and length. Approximately it took 4-7 hours to get done.

Hair test will be done during bleaching process to know how far your hair can take bleaching process towards grey hair. If your hair become fragile during bleaching process, our stylist will notify you and stop the bleaching process immediately. We will provide another colour alternative for you, either blue or purple. Mostly, we suggest our customer to choose purple as alternative because purple will be faded to grey hair within 2-3 months.

Mostly, we suggest our customer to choose purple as alternative because purple will take any yellow undertones left by the bleach and fade to grey hair within 2-3 months.

Then, the steps continue to dye process. Be patient & feel free to bring snacks, books, MP3 player if you want too. We provide WiFi, drinks and there’s a lot of food stalls nearby.

Grey is a colour that washes out easily so you may have to return to the salon to touch up the color every 6-8 weeks. To keep the colour glossy and protect your locks, invest in silver-toned shampoos or use dry shampoo so you don’t have to wash everyday.

But, worry not! We have something special for you€¦A must-try hair routine to lock & hydrate your grey shade!

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